Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Revisiting, Refocusing, Reclaiming or maybe Paul is my new Guru

Blogging is great! I did a little post yesterday and today, I'm in such a different mindset. Writing it down helps and getting a little feedback helps too, from 'welcome back' to
'suck it up' - it is all very helpful and much appreciated. Certainly some things Paul had to say really got me thinking.
This is my body, my brain (and I add spirit) and I have to do what's right for me.

So again, from Paul, I am choosing to make my health my #1 priority. I don't have to go crazy doing it, plan to run a marathon (yet!), train harder than I might feel like, or get all perfectionistic about it.
My main goal is to be proactive in my health everyday. Whether that's training for a 5K or taking a spinning class or going snow-shoeing this winter, making a healthy food choice, or taking 5 minutes to be silent. It's all good and it all matters. And it's all about enjoying the journey.
So my blog will now focus on what I do each  day to focus on my health and create balance in my life.I'll still set goals and face challenges but I. will. keep. moving!
I really thought about this on a walk/run today. Another great benefit of running - gives you time to contemplate things. It felt so good to move again, during and for so long after

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  1. Great! Build and keep that momentum until you are addicted (in a good way) like the rest of us 8)

    I really like the meditative aspects of running.
    You might like this posting:


    Then click on the "meditating" link.

    (The long run solution was published as a book a long time ago (I have a copy still) and it's actually probably my favorite running book of all. )