Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Time to Change up the Blog

Been doing some treadmill running, nothing too exciting, waiting for spring to arrive to do some outdoor running, or at least some milder temperatures.
I have been following up on getting some local runners together to start a little running club here in the village. I am going to open it up to walkers also, because I want to encourage everyone who is interested to participate at their own level. There are a lot of seniors in our village and I don't want to exclude them.
I've e-mailed back the people who have shown interest so far and asked them a few questions i.e. best day to meet, time etc. One of the questions I asked is where would people prefer to meet. It's a pretty small village so anywhere is within walking distance.
One guy answered that we should meet at the local pub, that way we would be supporting a local business at the end of the run by going in for a beer. Other people jokingly said we shouldn't start our run there, because this guy Bill who suggested it, might stay there and forego the run!
Such, good humour and comaraderie amongst runners and we haven't even started yet - that is one thing I like about runners, whether it's here in blog land, at a club or race - there is so much positive energy and humour - one of the benefits of running.

So, I'm going to change the blog up a bit to focus a little more on our fledgling run club. I will be posting about how we get started and how we hopefully grow into a little community of active people, runner, walkers and maybe even some bike rides thrown in. I guess I can't call the blog ' The Manly Runner' someone already took that name...

Happy Running,


  1. Yeah, someone's a blog name hog, I think he should give you the name :). I look forward to youre club's adventures!!

  2. Way to go with heading up a local club! It sounds like you are attracting some fun folk :) Awesome!

  3. Sounds fun. Good for you for getting it going.

  4. Have fun with the club! We have a big one here that has been around for 35 years. I'm actually in charge of documenting the history, which will be interesting. Keep track of yours so that your history will be there to access one day.

  5. Great idea Lee. Good luck with the new club. There is a group around here that also meeting on Thursday evening for a run and then meets at the local pub for dinner/beer. I have also seen some clubs meet at a different restaurant every week to support many businesses in the area.

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