Friday, December 31, 2010

Update on my 10K

So I ran it in 1:21:02. That's me on the far right. Was aiming for 80 minutes. It was 4C and I was dressed too warm, and should have bought new shoes about a month ago. Still, all in all, this isn't too bad a time for me, slow I know. I've actually made some improvements throughout the year and am stoked to run more races in 2011. Have been reading through the list of upcoming races and have a few in mind. We all got those orange and black jackets for signing up.
It started raining which was quite refreshing, I would have preferred a little colder weather, would have been more comfortable. That's me just after coming through the finish line. Yay!

Tonight's 10K Resolution Run

This is the weather forecast:
Unusual for this time of year. Maybe Chris K would like to join me now that he is a seasoned rain runner! I'm just glad the roads will be clear. Last year we were slogging through mushy snow.
Last year's number:
This year's number:

Heading out in less than an hour with my Happy New Year tiara on

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Birthday Fun!

We went to eat here:
so good, and such a nice atmosphere
Then we went to see this:
amazing movie!!!

I got these:

never lend your running mitts especially if they'll be left in kid territory - don't know what happened to my other pair, just disappeared into the same vacuum where all the lost socks live. So nice of R to replace these for me before my Resolution Run tomorrow.
And he also got me this:
and of course my running headlamp
R is getting really good at this gift giving thing. Last year I got my Garmin and a flashing safety light to put on my jacket at night.
Best of all was just spending the day relaxing with my favorite people, my family.

Monday, December 27, 2010

A little Fun, A little R&R

It's kind of quiet around here today. Since my best friend and I share December birthdays we our going out with our husbands to see this,
and out for a nice dinner.
Last night, the kids had fun with some Karaoke

so fun to get together with cousins.
The adults did a 4k walk with the dogs. The wind was cold. I'm used to running in the cold but the walk felt colder.
Hope you are all enjoying some down time, and family time.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Taking a Breath!

Yesterday I vowed, that I would get a run in today, and I did. First thing this morning I did a little 4k. That's better than nothing. I knew how the day was going to shape up, so got 'er done right away. Great way to start the day!
Just sat down a few minutes ago, after a non-stop day. In fact the entire last month has felt kind of like this:
And I've needed to do a little of this:

but I'm starting to feel cozy and snug and finally able to start enjoying the holiday.
 Hope you all are winding down from the Christmas preps and can take some time to enjoy the season.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Running Derailed

Madness! That's how my week is going. Why I agreed to start a new job this week, I'll never know. I agreed to this before I knew company was coming (family of 5).
Christmas shopping - not done - was out until 11:00 tonight scouring for hard to find, because I've left it so late, gifts.
Housework is so far behind, because I haven't had much time off in the last month. When I have, I've been running then stretching, then showering, then eating, then to bed.
My new job is immersing me in some of the saddest family situations you could imagine. It's hard to listen to "It's the Happiest Time of the Year" when you see the things I'm seeing. I can have a pretty tough skin, and my eyes have been open to the world in my life time, but still, it's not the best time of year to start working in this field.
Also, my running has suffered. Now I have missed a week or even two in the past, but have been very on track lately. I haven't run since I did my 11k last Saturday. I just haven't found time to fit it in this week. I was only supposed to work 21hrs. but that all changed.
I literally had to make the choice of running or going Christmas shopping today and yesterday. Tomorrow, will be Christmas shopping, housework and work. I'm hoping to get a run in, in the evening before company arrives. Let me rephrase... I will get a run in!
Next year, I vow to not have this happen! Where everything is left to the end.
On a positive note, my reference for one of my volunteers, clinched the job for her. I was so happy that she has been able to move out of her volunteer position and into a paid position that she wanted. I felt a little like Santa.
Another positive. My new work has a gym available for $12 a month with classes and some good equipment. The treadmills look pretty nice. So once I'm organized in the new year, I'll look into it. I could use the gym before or after work if I wanted to.
Hope your week isn't as crazy as mine. Things should settle down to a low roar soon.
Bought a karaoke machine for when our company comes. Should be fun!
This has been my life for the past month. It's why I 've decided to take a job at 21 hrs. a week. I need more time at home and with my family. I should be able to establish a less chaotic routine come January. and have more running times available. I better get to bed so I can get up and do it all over again tomorrow! Phew! Thank goodness for a blog to vent in!!!!!!

Monday, December 20, 2010


Jeff over at Jeff's Journey - A Detroit Runner tagged me with 5 questions. He says I was one of his first followers and that's why he tagged me. He's managing to get quite a following already.
Here we go:

1) What are you most fond of accomplishing in 2010?
-being a good wife and Mom
-growing a garden
-giving the best service I'm capable of to my clients
-landing a new job
-sticking with running because when I first started out  my only goal was to accomplish the 5k Resolutin Run last Dec. 31rst. I didn't know if I wanted to do anything beyond that.
-training for my first 10k, and sticking with it, when my life was extremely busy (and still is)
- running the Resolution Run 10K this coming Dec. 31rst.

2) What are your running goals for 2011?
- to keep running regularly
- to sign up for more races, such as St. Patrick's Day and Army Run
- to train for another 10k- Physio Run in April- and improve my time
- to keep improving on my 10k time until I feel ready to take on more

3) What is your favorite race?
- I haven't had much experience. I do like the Resolution Run because it was the first thing I've ever participated in. It is the day after my birthday, so I turn another year older feeling like I'm accomplishing something good, and can feel good about being one year older. It's a great way to end out the old year and ring in the new

4) What is your favorite holiday guilty pleasure?
One thing I do at least once during the holidays is have a small bowl of ripple chips with chip dip and a glass of Coke. This is not something I  typically crave or eat. I'm more of  a sweet craver at times. But for some reason,once a year at the holidays I always indulge in this. I think maybe it reminds me of being a kid at Christmas, because it was one of the rare times we had chips in the house.

5) What was your most embarrassing running moment?
- so far nothing yet, but I'm sure that day will come

So that's it.  You know a little more about me and my running adventures.  Here are a few fellow bloggers that I have tagged to learn a little more about them.

XLMIC at Taking It On because I found out we have a lot in common and would like to know more about her
Chris at Evolving Through Running
because he was my first follower. I have no idea how he found me.
Krystal at My Life of Travel and Adventures
because she's my newest follower
Sarah at Zombie Running because I love the name of her blog and looks like we're both running 10K

Sunday, December 19, 2010


17 yrs. ago today, my blue-eyed boy came into the world. He is my 3rd born.

Now he's all grown up!
It's also my dearest friend in the world's birthday. My kids call her auntie, and hers do me.

We've been friends since...
cougar boots and bomber jackets

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Slippy, Sloppy 11K

T'was a mixed bag on this run tonight.
 The roads were so slippery with thick,dirty snow (you gotta run in it to know what I mean) that I was slipping and sliding and slogging through. I was heading toward home at 3K and thought I'd call it a night but I got onto a clear albeit wet back highway, not too much traffic. I could only do it because I had my new headlamp. It was really hard when I had to go onto the shoulder because it felt like I was running in deep sand. Luckily, that didn't happen too often. My trusty four-legged friend, Shelby was with me, so I don't mind running in the dark, back roads. I looped around until I reached almost 7K and thought that might be it for the night as I had to go back into sloggy roads, but the one road wasn't too bad. I figured I might as well tough it out for 4 more K because I really needed to get some distance in before the Resolution Run in less than 2 wks. I checked my time at 10K and I'd managed to take 2 mins. off my time from my 10K run two weeks ago. That got me feeling hopeful for my upcoming run. If I could take 2 mins. off in these conditions than maybe I can do a decent time(for me) on the 31rst.
I put in 1 more K and it was the toughest as it was in my neigbourhood on thick, mushy snow - my legs are gonna feel it in the morning -did  lots of stretching. The weather was great -3C, about 26F very comfortable for running, not much wind and lightly falling snow.
Not bad for this newbie!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Early Birthday Gift

Slept from 5:00 - 7:30 p.m( fighting a cold)  after doing some shopping - got me a smart phone - fun-

Woke up and threw on my running gear and was about to go out into the dark night when R decided to give me an early Christmas gift
This thing works great! I was so happy!  I was out at 9:30 in the falling snow on back country roads, no problem, could see so well, it was a different experience. The light made the snow fall look so pretty. Too bad I felt like crap and only got 6k in, but that's where I'm at today.
I've noticed since starting my blog, I've gotten colds/flus pretty often. Gonna have to see what I can do about that.
R is always at me to take my vitamins. I'm terrible at remembering to take them.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Goodbyes Are Hard

Got up extra early this morning to get my run in as I have a staff Christmas dinner tonight.
Got ready for the cold dark morning. Note the time when I checked the weather just before going out the door. I like the quiet and having the streets to myself. My legs felt like cement though and I was slower. Maybe it's because it wasn't that long since doing my intervals last night. Maybe the snowy roads and sidewalks had something to do with it. But it was a good sense of accomplishment to get it done. That's 5F or -5F with the wind.
After work today, we are going out for a little team dinner before the Christmas break. It is also so people can say goodbye to me. My last day of work at this job is tomorrow. It doesn't feel real though. It is time to move on though. It's been great working with such a great team in helping the special little ones and their families- my hats are off to parents who have children with special needs - I'ts going to be hard to say goodbye to the kids and to the parents.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What a beautiful buzz..

Enough with the resting! On the mill for 7X400m today. Felt great!
Last song I stretched to:

Monday, December 13, 2010

Took another rest day

Okay, 3rd day of rest - gotta get my head back in the game, only 3 wks. until the Resolution Run- was supposed to be doing intervals today - will do them tomorrow and then resume with the rest of the training schedule for the wk. I am slow, but I notice the intervals are helping me pick it up a bit. Getting a little distracted by the Christmas preps and report writing, and working extra shifts, and dealing with teenaged boys ( had to drive son #2 down to the police station -oops!)  and an almost 12 year old who thinks he's a teenager.
When my eldest son was 5yrs. old, he asked for some money to buy something at a yard sale on our street. I gave him a couple of bucks thinking he was going to buy a toy. He came back with a set of old school wine glasses ( the green one in the photo, I put a candle in it) and nothing for himself. So sweet! I gave him a couple more bucks so he could go back and by a toy.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Freezing Rain and Christmas Preps

We have freezing rain today. When the mercury is hovering around 0C, you can get the most dangerous weather.
 Today is my official rest day, good timing!
The other night we were doing some Christmas preps. Somehow the rasta hat, glasses, and maracas made it into the mix. What a mess! Decorations everywhere, the old tacky fake Christmas tree, because we just didn't get out to buy a real one this year. R insisted on putting the fan in front of the fireplace to distribute the heat (it's a guy thing), but it looks so tacky so I hid it. He's just going to have to lay down the $150 for the fan kit.
My son Nick has been living with his Dad for the past year and I'm so glad he finally moved back home.He's lots of fun and I've missed him. And Sean is a nut too. This is what it's like having boys!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Taking a Rest

Taking today and tomorrow to rest - that's where I'm at. Monday will be the start of the last 3 wks. of training for my 10K -  Tonight I'm spending some down time with R.
He won't keep the beard, I kind of like it.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Beware the Wind Chill

Just got back in from 7.2K. The training schedule called for 11.25K but it just didn't happen this morning. I hate to not follow the plan to a 'T' but it happens sometimes.
I felt a true sense of fatigue, pre-run, not just a mind game thing, but a physical fatigue. I had a feeling the running wasn't going to go well.
Possible contributing factors:
-didn't eat enough the last couple of days, ate on the run, and not enough protein
- did not get enough sleep last night
- the past three weeks I have really been pushing it with working extra shifts, catching up with paperwork on my day off, running 5x week, and all the Christmas preps

 Notice the -20 windchill factor - That's -4F and love that sunset time, not! Bring on the Vit.D
So, the run was a mess of walking and running - hadn't had to do that in quite some time - had to keep running though because if I walked, my body didn't stay as warm. Damp + Wind = Hypothermia, it can happen fast, so kept up as best I could with the running. My legs just felt like they couldn't move. Even walking felt like an effort. Not sure what was going on there.
How do you tell the difference between true physical fatigue, and your mind just playing games with you?
If it is fatigue, do you just push through on what the training schedule calls for that day, even if you have to crawl?
Do you make it a rest day instead?
Last Friday, I rocked the route at a 10k distance, shouldn't have been hard to add an extra 1.25k today.
Should I take tomorrow off - it's supposed to be an EZ 40min. and have Sat. Sun rest day and start fresh Monday?
Disappointed, but hey, that's the way it rolls sometimes- I figure what I did today will still help me toward running a good race on New Year's Eve. I hope I don't crash and burn like I did today. And I hope there's no damned wind!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wind Chill

OK, it's been blowing all week long and the snow is heading this way. London, Montreal and Barrie have already had more than their fair share of it! Last night I braced myself for a 40 min. tempo run outside, windchill be damned. There was no way, I was going to do 3 nights in a row on the beige treadmill staring at the beige walls! So this is how I layered up:
2 pair of running tights
1 long sleeved wicking shirt
1 wicking t-shirt overtop
1 wind jacket
1 pair el-cheapo stretch gloves with a hole in one finger, because someone in this house swiped my Mizuno wicking stretch gloves, which look like cheapies except for the logo and the price tag!
1 thin wicking balaclava, pulled up over my face only when running head on into the wind, otherwise pulled down under my chin - now there is a real cute sight. Top that for an even cuter look with
1 Mizuno beanie
1 pair Asics Cumulus 11 with duct tape over the mesh, oh, forgot, only need that when the mercury hits -30C. Maybe I should think about getting a pair of these?
Here we go, out into the cold dark windy night! Love winter running, once I get going I'm as toasty as can be. Had the streets to myself too - bonus! That's like 6:00p.m. - pitch black!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Wow! Two nights in a row on the treadmill. Not the usual for me, but there is a bitter windchill tonight so opted to spend a little time of the treadmill. Shelby was disappointed :(
Here is my view from my basement TM.
unaware of the camera, love how chill they look (could that room be any more beige!)
goofing around, trying to hide from the camera - the straight haired one is my kid. You have no idea how many times a similar scene has occurred  in my home. With seven boys in the house we have had every system, and popular game, trading cards, etc. etc., not to mention how many broken controllers there have been, never a dull moment - although now we are down to three boys and that one is the youngest.
When I got bored of staring at the blank wall, I got to look at this. I kind of felt like those pink guys while running on the mill.
At least it wasn't some first person shooter game, or worse yet, Grand Theft Auto - that would be the older boys domain. Come to think of it, running on the TM, if it were a color, it would be beige. Sorry Emz! Think I'll run outside tomorrow, windy or not. :)

Early to Bed!

Got home and felt like I haven't stopped in days, which I haven't. Busy, busy, busy! I thought maybe I should just take an evening to relax since I was feeling like I really need some rest at some point, and to spend some time with my husband. Came home made some dinner and sat down to catch up on my e-mail, etc., starting to feel relaxed, then made my way over to some running blogs that I like to read. Next thing I know, I felt like running. So up I got and my training schedule called for 400m intervals today. Down to the TM I went and did some intervals. Felt so good afterward, and didn't feel tired anymore. Still managed to spend some time with R, and even got to sleep about an hour and a half earlier than usual. The body, mind, spirit always amaze me!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Canal Run

Worked today and brought my running gear with me so I could stop here on the way home to run.
It's a hot spot for runners and other sports people i.e. cyclists, and those skis with wheels thingys.
It's along the Rideau Canal and it's where I'll be running the 10K race on New Year's Eve.
Gotta go, they're hollering at me to come for dinner.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Buy a lottery ticket!

That's what my husband said to me just a little while ago, because you know, good things come in threes!
Woke up to this

Yes, I live in a construction zone. This was around 7:00 this morning. You can't tell but snow was falling pretty heavily.
Here is Shelby waiting for me to go running. She loves my running socks. She always manages to find one and curl up with it or hide it behind the couch to curl up with later.
Nothing smells better to her than my running socks!
First Good Thing of the Day:
By 7:30, Shelby and I were out on the road, in the snow, like good Canadian girls Temp. -1C- love it!  and... drumroll please.... I ran 10K for the first time ever! It's hard to believe that only 4 wks. ago I had only ever run 7- 8K and that was with taking 1 minute walk breaks after every 10 mins of running. I was so stoked about running the full distance. I realized something too, no wonder my runs seem more challenging in the evenings. I've been up 12 hrs. and have put in a full day in a very physically and mentally demanding job. Duh! And I thought it was just me being wimpy!
This morning's run was so nice. The first couple of k's were a little slippery but I thought that would just be good practice for the Resolution Run on New Year's Eve, those were the conditions last year. Then by 3K my MP3 player died. I had a momentary panic but adjusted within seconds to the sounds of the quiet falling snow, which gives this insulated sound to everything and to Shelby's footfalls. I looked around at all the beautiful snow covered trees - so pretty. That stretch of road, about 1 k was a dirt road which was gravelly and slippery so my pace slowed. Then I got to the pavement on some back roads which were only wet, and no cars - so I was able to fall into a nice rhythm and felt really good. The next 5k was really nice, quiet, country, no cars, not slippery. Once I got back to the main road I had about 2k left. I picked up the pace and felt really good but then I had to start going onto the gravelly, slippery shoulder every time a car came by, and had to finish off on some slippery sidewalks until I got back to my neighborhood and did one little loop to make it a full 10K - YAY! Everytime, I'd get to the end of a long stretch of road, I'd look back and say - Hey, I just owned that whole stretch of road! Empowering!

Second Good Thing of the Day:
Got a call on another job I applied for and was offered the position. I accepted. It's not the library job, but that one still might be a possibility. What a relief to be able to leave the job I am in. This new job has more flexible hours, pays more even though I'll be working less hours and is less physically demanding. It will allow me more time to focus on family, and I'll be able to get some morning runs in. It really is time for a change! I've been feeling kind of burnt out, and it's the running that has kept my energy levels up and sanity intact.

So that is why my husband said I should go out and buy a lottery ticket. Good things do come in threes. As far as good days and bad days go, so far this one is pretty high up there on the good list!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to my son Nathan!   19 today!

I remember the night he was born like it was yesterday.