Monday, August 22, 2011

the question..

Well, I guess I've been giving the wrong answer.
How do you stay motivated?? and focused?? I let stress and a messed up schedule get the best of me..also thoughts like 'maybe I'm not cut out to be a runner' 'maybe I'm just not the athletic type' that kind of crap.
So what works for you??
Maybe I need this guy to help me out a bit
p.s. I've missed you all here in running blog world


  1. Hi Lee

    For me exercise keeps me sane. It releases the stress.

    I also know that no matter how bad the day goes, if I've gotten in my workout I know that I'm keeping myself feeling good and healthy. That makes me feel pretty good.

    50-ish is when you have to do important...if you don't your drawing down your 'fitness bank account' and someday your body won't be happy about it.

    So, make it priority 1...'cause it is.

    As for the "i'm not a runner stuff"...WTF? Forget about other's your brain and body..Suck it up, buttercup!

    The important thing isn't races or PRs, it's getting outside and being alive in your skin, doing the kind of stuff your body was evolved to do (but doesn't get to do sitting in a chair all day)!




  2. I have a saying that goes: You will never regret the workout you finish but you will hate yourself for the workout you skip.

    That alone gets me moving and headed out the door to give it 100% of what I have on that day.

  3. I found your blog through Paul - I guess sometimes in life I've found that the desire to do something works backwards from our ability to do something.

    When we are healthy and able we don't always have the desire to do something. When we don't have the ability to do something, then we want to do it.

    What I'm trying to say is - for maybe 5 years I did work out some, but not as much as I should have been. I was healthy though. Now I'm working out a lot more, but I'm injured - and I can't wait to start feeling like myself and working out again.

    So I wouldn't take for granted the ability to work out, it is a gift.

  4. Thanks for the feedback - yup, I definitely feel better when I get regular exercise and making THAT my daily priority is a must

  5. Missed old broads need to stick together.

    It is really hard to stay motivated when you are injure - take it from me!