Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Eat your Oats!

I like to make this on the weekend, but had some today
Just throw some oats into a pan with double the amount of water and a little salt. As, it's coming to a boil, grate in an apple, include the skin. As it thickens, add a little mile to it and you can add a little butter if you want.
I guess what makes it a weekend indulgence is that I top it with this:

Yum, and what makes it extra special is that my Dad bought this big 2L jug for me. He and I share an appreciation for the real stuff!  Years ago he had a friend who ran a maple sugar bush and used to bottle the stuff in old whisky bottles, kind of looked nice sitting in the fridge with their amber glow.


  1. I used to HATE maple anything as a kid, but a trip to Canada a few years ago cured that for good! Can you say bite-sized sugar maple leaves??? Been a big maple convert since!

  2. I love oatmeal! And so does my baby... we are the only ones in the family. I make mine w/ rice milk instead of water and throw some raisins in there to make it decadent. Your way sounds yummier.

  3. How about some peanut butter for some protein and "good" fat. That'll stave off the hunger for many hours during a long run.

  4. My family makes maple syrup! Love it!