Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Running Sucks! Feeling like Homer

Just my running, my running sucks!
Not sure what's going on??!

I was doing very well for awhile, like during the past 8wks. of training for my 10K. Well the last week wasn't great as I got off track during Christmas.
The problem is that my past few runs including the 10k I ran, I had to take walk breaks, short ones, but I haven't had to do that in over two months.
I feel like I'm regressing. Today is a beautiful sunny day and I was looking forward to going out in the sun for a change, and out I went. The first twenty minutes was actually going quite well and then, hmmm-m-m not sure what's happening. I tried to really think about what I was feeling and why I felt like stopping.
Breathing felt good, nothing was hurting or feeling uncomfortable, but my legs feel like cement blocks on my past few runs and it feels hard to lift them up to put one in front of the other.
I've been trying to make sure I fuel properly.  Not sure what's going on. One foot forward, two steps back. I don't think it's necessary a mental thing, because I do feel like going out to run, however my confidence is a little shaky because I'm not sure how things will go once I'm out there.
I've had it happen before where I've had 3-4 'bad' runs in  row.
Glad I got out there anyway, it was still better than not getting any activity in. I only did 3k but that is partially because my time window was running out. I didn't walk a lot, just maybe 3 -10 second breaks, but still!
A couple of weeks ago I ran 11k and it felt great! And I did 10k the week before that and no problem as far as feeling like I needed to walk.
Although I'm slow, my pace has actually picked up in the past 8 wks. I don't feel like I'm running too fast, as my breathing is fine, but, hmm. not sure what to think
The Good: 
I got out there and moved!!!!
 The sun is shining!!!
I got to sleep in!!
The Bad:
I woke up to dog poo on the floor and carpet :(
(not because I slept in, R had let her out)
something's up with my running


  1. Don't worry - you'll be back to your old form in no time! We do intervals - I have found that if we plan to walk it works better. Maybe run five minutes and walk 30 seconds? I bet your time won't suffer much at all, and you'll be less hard on yourself if you planned to do it that way! Keep on keepin on!

  2. OMG - I feel the same way - I'm glad it's not just me.

  3. yeah, sometimes it is just not clicking... I hear that. Just keep getting out there and moving! It'll come back... I promise :)

  4. Good for you for getting out there! Everyone has bad days, you will be back to your normal self before you know it! Nice blog, btw : )

  5. Just keep at it. We all have bad runs(haha - I made a joke) Seriously though, you have heard some of my bad runs. I just get back out there next time. I've had a couple in a row too. Cement feet - oh, I've had that feeling. I hate that feeling. In my opinion, nothing wrong with walking. Read some books by Jeff Galloway - he wants you to walk(when you run)

  6. Yes, Jeff Galloway is messing with my mind!
    Bad Runs! Bah-ha-ha! My dog did have that!

  7. No worries Lee..."it" will be back before you know it!!!

  8. My daughter is going through the EXACT thing right now - don't worry about the walking. It doesn't hurt you as much as you think. Hang in there! You're doing great and WILL crush your 10K. Be great today!

  9. I'd say, don't worry about your running. Worry about the dog poo. There is a lot more hidden in that aromatic sausage than meets the eye!

  10. Uck, sorry about the runs. Are you eating smart before your runs lately? I know if I have a wee-bit too much sugar it totally gets my running all off whack. Or anything else I eat wrong. Which is always. Ha.

    Hang in there, chica!! Somewhere, there is an answer if you peel back all the layers. Or it'll just work itself you and you'll be sailing soon! :)

  11. P.S. Jill is my coach ... he has pointed me on the road to awesome ... the rest is up to me.

    I think nutrition made a big difference for my "mental state" before runs.

  12. could be something to do with sugar. I did have more during the holidays, sleep patterns off too. I think it will sort itself out, I'll just keep at it.

  13. It happens. It's just part of the whole process. Just push through it.