Monday, January 17, 2011

Hot & Cold

Last year on this very day I was here:
ah-hh- sunny Mexico, - there's where I was running around the resort and the red line along the beach is where we'd walk almost everyday, stopping along the way for a dip whenever, notice no resorts there, we had the ocean pretty much to ourselves in that area, We usually did a 7k walk, just nice. As for the running, I went early in the morning, but still the humidity was killer!
SNAP back to reality,
Today here, the weather is this:
It was actually -23C/-17F when I went out this morning! But at least it was sunny and no wind! I can deal with that. I did some speed intervals at the race track across the street from me. At least I intended to. When I got there, the track was not clear, but there was a little foot path in the snow from dog walkers Yup! I ran around there like a fool getting an extra workout for running in the snow. Shelby loved it. She was tearing around the whole place. Then I decided to stick to the streets and I did the rest of my speed intervals that way.  By the time I got home, I was feeling very energized. Nothing like a little run in the freezing cold to get you going in the morning!

Shelby, looking a little frosty!


  1. Yikes--I don't know if I could look back like that when the temp is so cold! You're hardcore!

  2. Nothing like a little cold weather to bring you back to reality Lee!

  3. You cold-climate runners always amaze me! WTG! Can't wait to see some of your 80's pictures ;-)

  4. Two things. Great workout! I think your pup's eyes are frozen open!