Sunday, January 2, 2011

Now What? and Which Shoes?

I'm not sure if I should keep working on the 10K - lots of room for improvement there, or if I should concentrate on 5K for a bit, for improving my speed. I'm thinking maybe a 5K in March, then a 10K in May, then a 10 miler (16k) in July and a half in September. There are a couple other 5k's I want to do also for fun and for charities close to my heart. I don't want to lose the distance I've gained by going back to training for a 5 - not sure how to go about this all, so any help is appreciated.
I found a long training schedule for a half that could keep me focused.
Also, I'm going out tomorrow to buy new shoes. Right now I have Asics Gel Cummulus 10 or 11, but I found them hard in the heel, but pretty good overall. I had Nike Pegasus, a few years ago, that I really liked. Not sure what to get. I usually buy at the Running Room.
I tend to get men's shoes for the width, does it really matter if I get men's or women's?
So many things to think about. I'm still such a newbie!
I think this week I'll just run for the sake of running.
But by the 10th I want to be training for something.


  1. Hi - I don't think the men's shoes on women's feet is that uncommon. I've heard of it before. I would just put on whatever works for you - even if its a snow boot.

    In my opinion, you can work your 5K races into your training for longer events. I do it all the time. You can train for the 5K while training for longer races by simulating 5K paces during your speed training or tempo runs. Just a thought. Good luck!

  2. Go to a place that knows how to fit shoes for runners. Lots of places video tape you running on a treadmill to know what shoe will work for you.

  3. New shoe for a New Year !!! woohoooo... all the best in your 2011 running event, remember to run safe always...

  4. Go to a small local running store, not a mega store. Make sure you run in them before buying. Take your time, don't be pressured.

  5. Join me and Regan - train for a half! You can do it!!!

  6. I buy at the Running Room. It's better than the big stores.
    Sarah - 1/2, I've got my eye on one for Sept. My friend is doing the full.
    Jim - what you said makes sense to me

  7. Great plans for the year! Try as many shoes as you can! NB has multiple width shoes, so you can try women's in a wider width. Women typically have narrower heels than men, so sometimes the cut makes a difference there.

  8. I agree with Jim and will add that training for your half will help you with your 5k. Your long runs can help you speed up too. When I trained for my half last year, my 5k got faster too. I enjoy a longer race so I have focused on 10k and higher this year. For 5k, I just run as fast as I can without puking. LOL.

  9. I've only done 5ks so far but I'm planning to run a half marathon - really nervous but if I can you can (I'm 57). Re: shoes - go to a running store and buy what they recommend, then you can get them cheaper online.