Friday, January 14, 2011

Sexy Pants!

So, I got up and got my butt outside for a run this morning! It was a beautiful sunny morning with temps hovering around -15C /5F. The roads were clear and best of all - No Wind!
I put in 8k. When I've missed a few runs, like say a week's worth, a-hem, I always get this fear that I'm not going to be able to run, that I'll have to start from square one, or that I'll lose the desire to run. It's a Scary Feeling!
But alas, it felt so-o-o good! Good enough to put on my Sexy Pants after stretching and showering.
Such a state of mind, yesterday I was feeling all schleppy, frumpish, sluggish with a slight brain fog - the effects of missing a week of running. There was no way I was going to even put those pants on because you know - I'd be thinking I look fat in those. But today, I'm thinking I'm looking pretty great in those pants. It's all what you exude! Amazing what a run can do. Definitely a chick post! Sorry guys! Here, this is for the guys. See how confident he looks, he must have just come back from a run. Y'all should get yourself a pair.


  1. Those pants rock! ; )

    Attitude does have a lot to do with it, doesn't it? Glad you've got it together!

  2. Out in the cold... in HOT pants... looking sizzlin'. You go, mamma! ;-)

  3. Ha ha ha ... "sexy pants" makes me laugh. Great job!!!

  4. Oh don't worrry, I've seen way chickier posts than that. Pic, please.

  5. Lee,
    You are my third giveaway winner. email me

    You can choose the top socks (orange stripes) or flowery ones. Those are the ones left.

  6. Ha ha. I'm getting myself some of these!