Monday, January 31, 2011

Do You Know the Capital of Canada? Hint, it's not Toronto or Montreal

It's cold in Canada's capital city today, and no Arnold, Canada's capital is not Montreal (although it was from 1844-49), and our brave troops are not serving in Iraq, they are in Afghanistan.
Yes, it's cold today,
this kind of cold,
that's R, playing with the snow blower,
but despite all of that I woke up feeling good, it's not been the greatest month here at Lee's but it seems to be ending on a good note.
Yesterday R, and Shelby and I did a 4K walk, with me and Shelby throwing in some run intervals.
This morning I got up and found myself a 6wk training program for the 5K  I'm running on St. Patrick's Day.
Since it is so freaking cold out, I decided to muster up the mental courage and determination to head down to the basement and get on the treadmill, which I did for 25minutes as per my first training day schedule. And it actually felt good, beige walls and all.
I kind of like focusing on the time and not the distance, which this whole training schedule is.
And here is my feel good song for the day, I mean how can you not feel good running to this, or just while doing stuff around the house, good 'ol Freddie, wonder if he knew the capital of Canada?


  1. Hahah, yes, that's the perfect feel-good running song! Way to knock out 25 boring mile in a beige coated room! You get lots of thinking done at least!

    That Arnold is one smart dude, eh? Let me know how you stay warm in this was 65 here on Saturday and I sat outdoors for lunch. Tomorrow's HIGH will be -3. That's farenheit...burrrr!!!

  2. ah Jill, that's 25 minutes, not miles - I'm not there yet, don't know if I could handle that on the treadmill, but ya never know.

  3. Nasty bugger cold up there. I think carbon dioxide freezes at that temp!

    I would use a treadmill too at those temps.

  4. See, I KNEW it was Ottawa! Cuz I am smart!

    Good for you for getting on the 'mill. I can only imagine what might drive one to succumb to that ;-) Glad your month is ending on an "up". :)

  5. 10-15 inches of the white stuff coming to Michigan for us tomorrow night into Wednesday. Supposed to be one of the worst in history.

  6. My brain does not compute that temp. I love Queen. I saw them in concert two years ago when they had Paul Rodgers singing.