Thursday, October 14, 2010

end of work week run

Thursday is the end of my work week. After a not very good sleep and a long physically and mentally demanding day, and a long commute, I just felt like plopping down on the couch. How's that for a run-on sentence!
However, I put on my running gear, funny how Shelby knows even before I go change that we are going for a run. On days I arrive home and won't be running, she doesn't get excited. She seems to know.
I ran 10/1 intervals. The first interval, I was feeling the effects of all the things mentioned in my first sentence. It was kind of gloomy and raining a bit. I wore my running jacket, or 'cult' jacket as my Learn to Run coach liked to call it. Should have known, I was feeling too warm by the start of the 2nd interval but not unbearably so. I was running down country roads. Shelby stopped to crap along the side of the road, I guess she's a real runner! I'm not part of that club, yet!
My run continued on pretty good. The last k was on the main drag that goes through our village so it motivated to keep my posture good. I finished strong and felt good. My run ended right in front of our local bakery which smelled great! I walked the last 1/2 k or so home as I'd accomplished my 6.5k that I wanted to by the time I reached the bakery, 6.59k to be exact. Not bad for this 46 yr. old gal who's lugging around an extra 20+lbs. Gotta get that off so I can run more efficiently, longer and farther. Funny how that's my motivation. I'm not running to lose weight, but I want to lose weight so I can run better. On my run, I ran past some of these flitting by
 then Shelby and I startled some of these, when we ran past a farmer's field,
and we also ran past a field like this on our last stretch

It was a good little run.
Happy Trails,

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