Tuesday, October 12, 2010

running in the dark

Ran 5k tonight. I dropped Sean off at church for Scouts and thought I'd run there instead of going home and having to come back. It was nice to have a new route, but I forgot there is a stretch of road with no street lights before getting to suburbia. I had my flashing Nike light on my running jacket but a headlamp would have helped. I was hoping I wouldn't step into a hole or trip on a rock, as I was running on the unpaved shoulder. Not good!

Beautiful clear night with stars and moon shining brightly
temp: 8C (about 46F), very nice for running although 0C is the temp for me. Felt odd not to have Shelby with me, especially in the dark. Also my friend Patti, who ran her first marathon this past summer has invited me to run a marathon in Kansas with her next year. Why Kansas, I don't know, we just talked in passing so I will have to get more details. Wonder if I'm up for that? hmmm.......

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