Saturday, October 16, 2010

I'm havin' a good time

So, woke up to this,not bad.
The sky looked a little foreboding
but the forecast is calling for sun. They didn't mention anything about the freaking wind coming out of the north that assaulted me the moment I walked out the door!

Now, I'm not a cussin' or cursin' kind of gal, however there was a time... back in the day... and those little cursin' demons pop into my mind from time to time, like this morning

Things I was cursin' on my morning run today:
%$$# northerly wind broadsiding me
%&#*hard sidewalk for about 1rst 10 mins.
$&#* slippery gravelly shoulder for about the next 10mins.
$&#! northerly wind, causing me to contort into some weird kind of running form to not lose my hat and to just bear up against it
*%&$* loose dogs causing me to stop to put Shelby on leash before they got closer and she'd want to run off after them and trying not to get all tangled up in three dogs
%*$& noisy farm machinery drowning out my music and  with their #&@^# diesel, that smell makes me nauseous
#%@% north wind hitting me head on for a stretch
!#$#!@ overly strong manure smell coming off the farms

Okay, so things I liked about my run this morning:
being out in the country
running by a little house with the smells of a wood stove coming from it
seeing a blue jay in flight
telling the wind - you aint' gonna stop me
listening to Freddie Mercury reminding me - "Don't stop me now i'm having such a good time
I'm having a ball don't stop me now" This really put a smile on my face, reminded me to enjoy the moment and helped me pick up the pace - it was so fun, I played it again
Having that northerly wind at my back for the last km and some AC/DC kicking my butt all the way home, helping me to finish strong
So, 6.84 k done, wind be damned!

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