Thursday, October 28, 2010

ho hum

Kinda feeling ho-hum, had such low energy all week and no appetite at breakfast - duh, should have realized something was wrong -thought I was just tired - but woke up in the night with a dry scratchy throat - gr- should have been taking some vitamins. I'm terrible at taking vitamins - not a fan of swallowing dry, lumpy pills, and I just forget. Hubby makes up for it by taking enough for both he and I.
So kind of a crappy week, haven't done any running - this has happened about 4 times in the year since I've started running - that I miss a week and sometimes a bit more. It wasn't that long ago that I missed a week.
I get scared 'cause I think I will lose the motivation to run again. So far, it always comes back.
-have also been distracted with preparing for a couple of job interviews. I've thrown in a little extra anxiety because some of the questions will be asked in French, my second language and I've become fairly fluent, but not perfect! That is one thing that is so aggravating about this city. It is the nation's capital therefore most government jobs, or agencies funded by governments require bilingualism - french/english - as Canada has two official languages -gr-r-r-. Very frustrating for people who are highly qualified but lack french.

I work in a french program for half of my day as it is and have taken some courses. At my church we have a small french Sunday school class as well as a larger English one. Most of the people in the French class are immigrants from the Congo and a  few gov't. employees,struggling to improve their French. I like it because there is only about a dozen of us and we can really get into a good discussion.
So keeping my fingers crossed for my job interview tomorrow.
(not my hand, have never had such perfect fingernails, however, I have been told that I could be a hand model - what's that say about my face....??)


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