Monday, November 1, 2010

Focus, Focus

This is what greeted me out my back door this morning
Yup, the white stuff is starting -It was all gone by the time I got home after work.
So this is my blog, about trying to overcome mental hurdles in my quest to run regularly.
I must say, this past week has been a struggle, i.e. have not run in at least a week. It seems to go like this. I get on a roll with running and am loving it and then something happens and I regress.
All of last week, I was feeling a lower energy than usual which manifested itself in a sore throat during the night, half-way through the week and the sniffles. Not enough to miss work but enough to feel dragged through the trenches by the time I got home from work.
The girls called me to go run with them Friday night but feeling under the weather, I declined as I had to work the next day (not usual for me to work on Saturdays, but I sometimes help out with and autism group consisting of 8 busy boys - no lunch break, we eat with the kids and no breaks - so I need all the energy I can get.)
Sunday, I stayed home to rest, didn't even go to church. It was nice to stay home and relax.
Today I felt more like myself and thought maybe I could do a run after work, but when I got home I just fizzled out.
The weather has changed very quickly from Indian Summer to c-c-c-old, an adjustment to make.
So, am I making excuses? or just listening to my body? in a funk? discouraged? too perfectionistic?(perfect or not at all mentality).
Whatever it is, it's good to come here and blog, helps to sort it out. It's good to remind myself that this is not a blog about chronicling perfect runs, perfect running habits, it's my journey to figure out what these hurdles are, how to change it, and grow from there. How not to overly pressure myself but yet to  set a goal. Balance!
I can say this, running does get you in touch with yourself, more body awareness, more mental contemplation during the run, and a better overall feeling of accomplishment, energy, and health and so many more benefits.

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