Monday, November 8, 2010


So started my 10K training today. First on the list - 4X400 - On paper that sounds pretty easy. Saying it out loud, sounds pretty easy - doing it - not as easy as I thought! But I did it and felt great when I was done.
It's my first time training like this and I think I'm going to like changing it up, with the tempo runs, long run, and what I did today, I can see how a person could barf doing that type of interval training. I like the idea too of some days running for distance and some days running for time.
Here's my Garmin screen capture:
Round, and round.... where the red lines jut out  shows me walking to pick up dog poop during my cool down walk at the end. I let Shelby off leash at that point and, well, dogs will be dogs. Then you can see where I had to walk past my car to find a garbage can. Love my Garmin!


  1. I love this. The red circles rock. Got to love Garmin's for making up look like complete freaks. ;) Next time walk across the field just so it looks not so "clean". ;)

  2. Emz I thought it looked a little crazy too, when I saw the results!