Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Head Games or 'Snap out of it!'

Missed my training run on Monday and Tuesday for a plethora of reasons - so - started beating myself up about it - I'm way too perfectionistic! - It's like if I don't follow the training schedule perfectly, I feel like a loser, a failure, and what's worse, I don't feel like running because I feel defeated.
Nevertheless, today, I was feeling tired on the way home, like almost falling asleep while stuck in traffic tired, finally made it to my neighborhood after an hour commute, stopped for a few groceries, then home.
It's been cold and windy today  -12C/10F with the wind.
Now, in my profile, it does mention that I have a supportive husband. When I got home, feeling like just plopping down on the couch, I got my head in the right place, asked for help so that I could get my run in and still have time to unwind afterward. Well, he put away all the groceries and made supper - how's that for supportive.
Funny thing is, after that little break I had from running - I ventured out into the cold, dark night and had a great 35 minute run - at a faster pace than I've been running. All that worry and  self-flagellation for naught!
So what's the key to not letting the mind take over??  When I hit the road, my mind still was focusing on I'm tired, it's cold etc. but my body knew exactly what to do - Got to trust my body, even when my head is playing games with me.

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