Friday, November 12, 2010

Girl Run

Tonight I went out and ran with 3 other women. One of them I know and the other two were new to me.
Talking with runners is like talking with mothers. Instead of comparing birth stories in detail, you compare races, training plans, the good, the bad and the ugly of running. Just like a birth story, you know all the details, play by play and so it is for training and  running races.
Instead of running past cows, corn fields and pumpkin patches the scenery on our route looked more like this:
This is an actual building in north Kanata, also known as Research Park - lots and lots of high tech companies there. Ottawa is mostly government employees or high tech geeks.
So the run started off feeling kind of weird. I'm so used to putting on my music, having my dog Shelby with me and zoning out. But this was a very chatty group. At first I found it distracting, and then I noticed it was more effort to talk and run. But I got used to it after awhile and the chit chat made the time pass by quickly.
This is my third run this week with no 1 minute break after every 10 minutes of running. I'm doing it!
 So, although I was slow I was pleased that I finished the 6.6k, just over 4 miles without a walk break. Not too shabby for me. In one week I've gone from running 3x week with walk breaks, to 4 x a week without walk breaks + one day of 400m interval runs.The human body is an amazing thing. Shelby seemed a little insulted when I got home but  tomorrow it's a 30 min. easy run and she'll be coming along.

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