Sunday, November 14, 2010

EZ 30

Yesterday, my easy 30, didn't feel so easy. Got home from my 4 mile run the night before around 10:30 then woke up Saturday and the first thing I did was go out for an EZ 30. Shelby came along of course. She is her most doggie self when she can be off-leash, running around and exploring. She is such a good running partner on leash as well. She keeps my rhythm going.  Maybe I should have waited until the evening to run that 30 mins. My legs were protesting the whole way, but I took it really easy and got it done. Definitely have ramped it up this week. The biggest changes being not taking walk breaks, and adding in two more days of running. That's a lot in a week, but I don't feel I overdid it. Glad today is a rest day though. Maybe I should be trying this thing:

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