Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Job Hunting

November has been a month of waiting.....and waiting.....and waiting.....
 I'm in the process of applying for a few different positions. I've had an interview at the library which is a permanent part-time position. It would be something different. It is working with the Children's Program so that part would be familiar, but working in a library environment would be new, and a welcome change. My current job is so demanding, physically, and mentally that it is sucking the life blood out of me! So time to change it up.
Looks like I have another job offer but it is a part-time contract for 3 months in  social services and would be good experience for me. I never intended to work so much as I have the past 5 years and it's time to cut back and re-focus on my family and stop pushing myself so hard - which has become the norm . Such a slow process, I applied for the library job back in the beginning of September. And now that I should be hearing back this week, I just saw another posting for the same position at a closer branch with the exact amount of hours I would like to work. I applied and now the process starts again.

Haven't logged my runs lately either. My 3rd week of training for the 10K was mentally a struggle.   I did miss a couple of runs but finished the week off strong.
This week has been much better - running - such a mind game, for me anyway- but it is teaching me a lot about myself in many aspects.
Tonight I ran outside in the dark, and the rain. However, the weather was pretty mild 5C/41F so the rain felt refreshing, kind of felt like a kid again.  And hardly anyone was out-on foot- had the streets to myself pretty much.

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  1. YAY for a great run last night!!

    hoping/praying that job is YOURS!!!