Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Little Gym

Survived a day and night of shopping in Syracuse - my legs were so achy that it was waking me up during the night! Woke up this morning, stumbled in the dark to gather up my clothes, including my favorite 'Dirty Oars' t-shirt, but that's another story- brought my key card down to the 1rst floor, which in Canada would be known as the second floor, and climbed aboard one of the two lonely treadmills, for an EZ 35 minutes.  The 'gym' included two treadmills, one elliptical machine, and one all-inclusive weight machine, a water cooler and two t.v's - but I did have it all to myself.
Listened to my music while flipping through the channels and stopped, flipping not running, when I came upon this:

Uh.., ya.., well , beats staring at a brick wall and the parking lot while on the treadmill.
After breakfast, went next door to the pharmacy and bought some Advil, for my legs, and then put in another full day of shopping. My mother sure can shop!

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