Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Wow! Two nights in a row on the treadmill. Not the usual for me, but there is a bitter windchill tonight so opted to spend a little time of the treadmill. Shelby was disappointed :(
Here is my view from my basement TM.
unaware of the camera, love how chill they look (could that room be any more beige!)
goofing around, trying to hide from the camera - the straight haired one is my kid. You have no idea how many times a similar scene has occurred  in my home. With seven boys in the house we have had every system, and popular game, trading cards, etc. etc., not to mention how many broken controllers there have been, never a dull moment - although now we are down to three boys and that one is the youngest.
When I got bored of staring at the blank wall, I got to look at this. I kind of felt like those pink guys while running on the mill.
At least it wasn't some first person shooter game, or worse yet, Grand Theft Auto - that would be the older boys domain. Come to think of it, running on the TM, if it were a color, it would be beige. Sorry Emz! Think I'll run outside tomorrow, windy or not. :)


  1. I hate the dreadmill Lee although I have to admit I'm glad my run tomorrow is only 3 miles because it's going to be freakin' cold - 16 degrees!!!! I'm holding out for snow more than cold.

  2. I might buy one if I end up not being to stomach the cold weather ... or maybe just get a few visits to a health club. My exercise room is sorta full of an elliptical trainer , benches, weights and a nice exercise mat that I stole from the kids ... looks like a jigsaw puzzle - but great for the T-pushups with dumbells

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