Thursday, December 30, 2010

Birthday Fun!

We went to eat here:
so good, and such a nice atmosphere
Then we went to see this:
amazing movie!!!

I got these:

never lend your running mitts especially if they'll be left in kid territory - don't know what happened to my other pair, just disappeared into the same vacuum where all the lost socks live. So nice of R to replace these for me before my Resolution Run tomorrow.
And he also got me this:
and of course my running headlamp
R is getting really good at this gift giving thing. Last year I got my Garmin and a flashing safety light to put on my jacket at night.
Best of all was just spending the day relaxing with my favorite people, my family.


  1. Oh, boy! oh, boy! Happy Birthday, Lee! Sounds like you had a pretty awesome one! So now you're older than I am ;-)

  2. Happy Birthday! Great running presents!

  3. Awesome. Great gifts. The gloves are necessary for sure!

  4. Hey XLMIC - I'm 47, just had my age posted a little earlier than my birthday to get used to the idea:) So am I still older than you??

  5. Hi - thanks for checking out my blog ... I'm just getting it started. You have the same b-day as my daughter - I wrote about it yesterday. The 25 + 22 thing at the top of your page is hilarious. My wife struggles with being "not fast" with her running as she puts it, but just have fun with it. Speed is relative. Good luck & hang in there.