Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wind Chill

OK, it's been blowing all week long and the snow is heading this way. London, Montreal and Barrie have already had more than their fair share of it! Last night I braced myself for a 40 min. tempo run outside, windchill be damned. There was no way, I was going to do 3 nights in a row on the beige treadmill staring at the beige walls! So this is how I layered up:
2 pair of running tights
1 long sleeved wicking shirt
1 wicking t-shirt overtop
1 wind jacket
1 pair el-cheapo stretch gloves with a hole in one finger, because someone in this house swiped my Mizuno wicking stretch gloves, which look like cheapies except for the logo and the price tag!
1 thin wicking balaclava, pulled up over my face only when running head on into the wind, otherwise pulled down under my chin - now there is a real cute sight. Top that for an even cuter look with
1 Mizuno beanie
1 pair Asics Cumulus 11 with duct tape over the mesh, oh, forgot, only need that when the mercury hits -30C. Maybe I should think about getting a pair of these?
Here we go, out into the cold dark windy night! Love winter running, once I get going I'm as toasty as can be. Had the streets to myself too - bonus! That's like 6:00p.m. - pitch black!


  1. Thats the spirit.....sounds like you need to get out with all that testosterone around you on a daily basis...have a great weekend and get your shovel ready!!!!

  2. It sounds like you were well prepared to be out there.

  3. But the beauty is you get all those goofy looks from the people driving by in their cars!