Monday, December 20, 2010


Jeff over at Jeff's Journey - A Detroit Runner tagged me with 5 questions. He says I was one of his first followers and that's why he tagged me. He's managing to get quite a following already.
Here we go:

1) What are you most fond of accomplishing in 2010?
-being a good wife and Mom
-growing a garden
-giving the best service I'm capable of to my clients
-landing a new job
-sticking with running because when I first started out  my only goal was to accomplish the 5k Resolutin Run last Dec. 31rst. I didn't know if I wanted to do anything beyond that.
-training for my first 10k, and sticking with it, when my life was extremely busy (and still is)
- running the Resolution Run 10K this coming Dec. 31rst.

2) What are your running goals for 2011?
- to keep running regularly
- to sign up for more races, such as St. Patrick's Day and Army Run
- to train for another 10k- Physio Run in April- and improve my time
- to keep improving on my 10k time until I feel ready to take on more

3) What is your favorite race?
- I haven't had much experience. I do like the Resolution Run because it was the first thing I've ever participated in. It is the day after my birthday, so I turn another year older feeling like I'm accomplishing something good, and can feel good about being one year older. It's a great way to end out the old year and ring in the new

4) What is your favorite holiday guilty pleasure?
One thing I do at least once during the holidays is have a small bowl of ripple chips with chip dip and a glass of Coke. This is not something I  typically crave or eat. I'm more of  a sweet craver at times. But for some reason,once a year at the holidays I always indulge in this. I think maybe it reminds me of being a kid at Christmas, because it was one of the rare times we had chips in the house.

5) What was your most embarrassing running moment?
- so far nothing yet, but I'm sure that day will come

So that's it.  You know a little more about me and my running adventures.  Here are a few fellow bloggers that I have tagged to learn a little more about them.

XLMIC at Taking It On because I found out we have a lot in common and would like to know more about her
Chris at Evolving Through Running
because he was my first follower. I have no idea how he found me.
Krystal at My Life of Travel and Adventures
because she's my newest follower
Sarah at Zombie Running because I love the name of her blog and looks like we're both running 10K


  1. Great post Lee. Keep up the awesome work. Before you know it, you'll be blogging about your first half marathon!

  2. Okay, doll-face... I played... get ready! lol