Sunday, December 12, 2010

Freezing Rain and Christmas Preps

We have freezing rain today. When the mercury is hovering around 0C, you can get the most dangerous weather.
 Today is my official rest day, good timing!
The other night we were doing some Christmas preps. Somehow the rasta hat, glasses, and maracas made it into the mix. What a mess! Decorations everywhere, the old tacky fake Christmas tree, because we just didn't get out to buy a real one this year. R insisted on putting the fan in front of the fireplace to distribute the heat (it's a guy thing), but it looks so tacky so I hid it. He's just going to have to lay down the $150 for the fan kit.
My son Nick has been living with his Dad for the past year and I'm so glad he finally moved back home.He's lots of fun and I've missed him. And Sean is a nut too. This is what it's like having boys!


  1. Yes, Lee, get outside and run! On second though, I'm not sure about in freezing rain. Even I probably would not do that. Good timing on the rest day!