Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Early to Bed!

Got home and felt like I haven't stopped in days, which I haven't. Busy, busy, busy! I thought maybe I should just take an evening to relax since I was feeling like I really need some rest at some point, and to spend some time with my husband. Came home made some dinner and sat down to catch up on my e-mail, etc., starting to feel relaxed, then made my way over to some running blogs that I like to read. Next thing I know, I felt like running. So up I got and my training schedule called for 400m intervals today. Down to the TM I went and did some intervals. Felt so good afterward, and didn't feel tired anymore. Still managed to spend some time with R, and even got to sleep about an hour and a half earlier than usual. The body, mind, spirit always amaze me!


  1. YAY for TM intervals!!

    YAY you. :)

    Awesome as always!!

  2. Hey Emz,
    Yes, the intervals are making a difference in my time.