Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Goodbyes Are Hard

Got up extra early this morning to get my run in as I have a staff Christmas dinner tonight.
Got ready for the cold dark morning. Note the time when I checked the weather just before going out the door. I like the quiet and having the streets to myself. My legs felt like cement though and I was slower. Maybe it's because it wasn't that long since doing my intervals last night. Maybe the snowy roads and sidewalks had something to do with it. But it was a good sense of accomplishment to get it done. That's 5F or -5F with the wind.
After work today, we are going out for a little team dinner before the Christmas break. It is also so people can say goodbye to me. My last day of work at this job is tomorrow. It doesn't feel real though. It is time to move on though. It's been great working with such a great team in helping the special little ones and their families- my hats are off to parents who have children with special needs - I'ts going to be hard to say goodbye to the kids and to the parents.


  1. holy crap.

    YAY for getting out there girl!!

    YAY for team dinners.

    good-byes are hard. for sure.

  2. Good for you. That's about the time I start my run too. The snow and ice do make it harder. I ran really slow today and it felt like I was going all out!

  3. Good for you, getting your run done first! I usually run outside in the early AM, but not when it is 15 degrees F outside. I head straight for the treadmill at the gym! Have fun at the dinner and good luck with your next venture!

    BTW, nice to meet you too! :)