Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Running Derailed

Madness! That's how my week is going. Why I agreed to start a new job this week, I'll never know. I agreed to this before I knew company was coming (family of 5).
Christmas shopping - not done - was out until 11:00 tonight scouring for hard to find, because I've left it so late, gifts.
Housework is so far behind, because I haven't had much time off in the last month. When I have, I've been running then stretching, then showering, then eating, then to bed.
My new job is immersing me in some of the saddest family situations you could imagine. It's hard to listen to "It's the Happiest Time of the Year" when you see the things I'm seeing. I can have a pretty tough skin, and my eyes have been open to the world in my life time, but still, it's not the best time of year to start working in this field.
Also, my running has suffered. Now I have missed a week or even two in the past, but have been very on track lately. I haven't run since I did my 11k last Saturday. I just haven't found time to fit it in this week. I was only supposed to work 21hrs. but that all changed.
I literally had to make the choice of running or going Christmas shopping today and yesterday. Tomorrow, will be Christmas shopping, housework and work. I'm hoping to get a run in, in the evening before company arrives. Let me rephrase... I will get a run in!
Next year, I vow to not have this happen! Where everything is left to the end.
On a positive note, my reference for one of my volunteers, clinched the job for her. I was so happy that she has been able to move out of her volunteer position and into a paid position that she wanted. I felt a little like Santa.
Another positive. My new work has a gym available for $12 a month with classes and some good equipment. The treadmills look pretty nice. So once I'm organized in the new year, I'll look into it. I could use the gym before or after work if I wanted to.
Hope your week isn't as crazy as mine. Things should settle down to a low roar soon.
Bought a karaoke machine for when our company comes. Should be fun!
This has been my life for the past month. It's why I 've decided to take a job at 21 hrs. a week. I need more time at home and with my family. I should be able to establish a less chaotic routine come January. and have more running times available. I better get to bed so I can get up and do it all over again tomorrow! Phew! Thank goodness for a blog to vent in!!!!!!

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  1. Hang in there Lee and don't be too hard on yourself. It is a busy time of will find some time somewhere to go run...maybe you can see if Santa is out tomorrow night???? Happy Holidays