Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bad Dog

Today's run:
Temperature - 21C (about 70F) - a little warm for my liking but had a breeze while running north, more of a strong head wind at times
Food - ate an apple, 1/2 banana and 1/2 a Fibre 1 bar on the commute home, about an hour before running
Sleep - good, really needed to catch up last night and did
Distance - 5.7k - felt pretty good and steady throughout, took it slow, my feet were a little sore, think it's time for some new shoes.
Distractions - Cows
At one point during my run I came up along side some cows and they started running along the fence. I was just hoping that I didn't look like one of them! I knew I was a target for a good joke by anyone driving past - hey, look, one of the cows got loose - yes I do feel a little self-conscious when I run sometimes and have , 20, 30 lbs.( gained  10 over the past few months, in fact weighed less before I started running last fall) to lose so hoping I didn't resemble the cows too much.

Dog Antics - Shelby was very well behaved but as I was running down a dirt road, out bounded this big beagle mix dog from a farm fairly close to a busy road. This is not my first encounter with this dog. I yelled out - 'Call your dog', again, 'you need to call your dog' no response. I kept running and the damn dog followed me to the busy road and all the way down it for a couple of kilometres right to my front yard- It was so frustrating - I had to worry about the dog getting itself killed and try to keep my pace and rhythm going- I think the owners shouldn't leave him loose even though they are on a country road, especially at rush hour when there are lots of people coming and going. I don't feel it was my responsibility to bring the dog back. That happened the first time. The dog followed dh and I for 2 or 3 km, and then we walked him back to the farm( round trip of 10k when we were planning on 6) - no one home had to let him in the porch.  Bad dog or bad owners?

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