Thursday, September 2, 2010

Today's Eats

Woke up this morning and felt thankful for a Mom who gave me these
from her hobby farrm. It's great to eat fresh eggs from free range chickens not pumped full of antibiotics etc. Thanks Mom! I put them on to boil for some egg salad, then threw together a little breakfast for me and the man.
Started out with some of this balkan style yogourt and added banana, frozen grapes, pineapple and a little Kashi Go Lean
I added
just a little dollop of almond butter, it's so tasty and I don't usually, but I put just a drizzle of this on the top
This is local honey which was a gift from my friend which makes it all the sweeter. It's so nice to eat locally grown foods.

Did I say that I love my crockpot? It's so nice to prepare supper in the morning and at 5:00 it's all ready, hearty and healthy. Here's what went in it with the chicken, so-o-o easy. Just cut up a bunch of
Add it to the pot with

stir it up and let it cook all day. Put some rice in the rice cooker and by 5:00 voila, a nice dish of thai curry chicken

I added some fresh ground pepper and drank a little bottle of San Pellegrino on ice with a twist of lemon. Lime is nice too.
 The San Pellegrino is very nice. I prefer it to Perrier.  Oh, and this is how the egg salad turned out. I was going to make a spinach salad with it but just didn't feel that hungry. Didn't have enough greens today though. Too bad I'm going back to work next week and won't have as much time to just enjoy cooking, then it seems to become another task on the 'to do' list - what a shame
Hope you all had a good food day! It's my rest day but I should get back into doing some form of stretching, yoga or weights on these days.

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