Friday, September 17, 2010

Fair Weekend

Here's the view out my son's upstairs window this weekend.

Our village is all geared up for the annual fair. Most days of the year I just have lovely open space to look out at from my kitchen window. Some weekends there are horse shows going on and I love waking up to the whinnying. But this weekend it will be a busy hustle bustle.
Tonight is the smash-up derby and by dark the rides area is pretty much inpenitrable  due to all of the drunken teenagers. But day time is a great family time at the fair. I love to walk through the agricultural halls, watch some of the horse events and look at all the old farm equipment.
Today's run - just over 5 k
Weather - 15C (59F) - still a little warm for my liking (for running, that is)
Sleep - 6 hrs. not my best for running, and dealing with an 11yr. old this morning who did not want to go to school. He said: "You're the worse mother I ever had!!" to which I replied, "I'm the only mother you ever had" - oh what fun!
Food - had a bagel with Almond butter and banana about 2 hrs. before running.
Run - felt like I was lumbering, plodding, outer right lower calf was bothersome,( I think it started because I had to run on the shoulder)  felt a little too warm by about the half way point
Dog Antics - Shelby plunged into a farmer's drainage ditch and came out looking like a big wet rat and stopped right in front of me to shake off - now she smells - badly!
After Run - protein powder mixed with water, stretching - felt great  that I accomplished my run even though I was tired.
Happy Trails all,

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