Friday, September 10, 2010


So we went for some
yes, for some Chinese food. We walked to the restaurant on this glorious late summer evening, just Papa Bear, Sean and I. The other two boys were wherever young men of that age go on Friday evenings. I stuck to mostly vegetables, a bowl of Wonton Soup and avoided foods that weren't worth the calories. I avoided the dessert table. I may have had some if I really was in the mood, but  I really wasn't feeling like dessert, so why bother. There was a time that I would have eaten it just because it was there.
Afterward we walked home while the sun was setting and made a longer loop around the neighborhood.
Sean was kicking a can around the whole way. Remember when that was an irresistible thing to do?
Tomorrow I am going to run, think I'll change up my route a bit.
Zai jian

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