Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dog Crap kind of Day

So it was back to work for me today. I'm always anxious for about two days before the start day. I love the work I do, but not the logistics (setting and schedule) that gets me flustered. So, after a restless night I woke up to dog crap all over the den, not a usual thing for our dog Shelby to do, but happens if she's gotten in to some human food. This couldn't have happened yesterday, no, she saved it for my already stressful day. I tried to stay positive thinking that it could be worse, she could have done it on the carpet. Glad the den door was closed.
Work was information overload . Okay, so driving home with a headache, I arrive to DH at the door waiting to drop a bomb or two on me about our teenagers and their antics. Oh, and the dog decided to leave a little more crap on the carpet afterall.
Arghg-gh. So just when I felt like running away for home, or tuning out to something mindless with a mindless snack of something with too many empty carbs, I heard a little voice inside my head, I think it was Beth from Shut Up and Run telling me, well, you know....
So I did. I wanted to go outside to run but it started thundering and lightning, but I didn't let that stop me. I trudged downstairs to the  treadmill and put in 40 minutes. I'm doing 10/1 intervals. I sweated out all that stress and frustration to some rockin' tunes, truly therapeutic! Relaxed with a shower and some stretching and life doesn't look so bleek afterall. I'll try to get a good sleep and tomorrow is a new day. Blah! Felt good to get all that off my chest! Take Care - Happy Trails

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