Friday, September 3, 2010


Didn't get a lot accomplished yesterday so it's go-go-go today, busy in good way but starting to feel the stress level rise  as it's back to work in 4 more sleeps which coincides with getting Sean ready for back to school. He's starting middle school which is grade 6. How did I ever get 7 boys ready for back to school? Oh ya, that was when I was in my thirties, and didn't work outside of the home for a few years, most days were effortless (yes, my husband and I have 7 boys between us!!)
So today, my priority was to run. As a warm-up I cleaned the kitchen dishes, vacuumed the main floor, cleaned one bathroom lickity-split and threw in a load of laundry. I'd worked up a bit of a sweat and was ready to run. I wanted to run outside, but I've had enough humidity for one season, so down to the basement I went.
So today, I only did 32 minutes on the treadmill. That was it. A drop in the bucket for some of you, but hey, for me, it's an accomplishment - the self-discipline and just being able to do it physically, sounds pretty lame, but 'ya gotta start somewhere. The most I've ran so far is 8k and that feels like quite something to this newbie, and it was outdoors in winter, (with the wind in my face, uphill both ways lol)

Here is what I had for lunch. Pre-run I had half banana with a smear of almond butter, then a protein shake mixed with water, post run. So this late lunch is my main meal and I'll finish the day off with a yogurt and fruit bowl concotion and a little something for protein
It quickly became this

always tastes better when you share, in my case with Papa Bear

and for dessert, better to have it at lunch than later
apple pie and green tea - does shopping for back to school supplies count as a workout?
It's a long weekend in Canada, elsewhere too? Enjoy your weekend.

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