Wednesday, September 1, 2010

in my tracks

After my first 10 mths. of running, something stopped me in my tracks!

It wasn't the heat and humidity that I've endured since May
 nor, the tight, pulling feeling, in my groin,
nor, the same old route

no what stopped me was,

a photo

not just any photo, but  the worst photo of myself, on the dance floor at my cousin's wedding
I thought I was looking so cute and fit on the dance floor, ok, so I know I'm not skinny but after nine months of running I was feeling pretty fit, and toned, sort of and confident
That photo owned me though and I came to a dead stop in my tracks and fell into a cesspool of discouragement. After three, yes I missed three weeks of  running, my mind and body started to feel like mush. I felt like I could barely string two thoughts together. I felt my energy lagging more and more each day. I just couldn't bring myself to get back on track
But all is not lost:
Today, I put on these

and ran for an hour on my treadmill - too hot and humid outdoors. Immediately, my legs felt happy, then my heart and lungs started to feel happy and then my mind started to feel clear and happy. I was only aiming for half an hour to ease back in but I felt so darn happy that I just kept going.
Then when I stopped, I looked for my trusty shaker to shake up some protein powder with water, but couldn't find it so I used this:
then I did some of these,
while listening to this:
followed by this,
ah-h-h-h, now I feel 'right' again, good, relaxed, refreshed, cleared out the cobwebs - running - takes care of what ails you  - I'm so happy to be back and hope you'll join me on my quest to be healthy in mind, body and spirit


  1. Amazing how a good run can set things right again. Good job banging out twice your target run.

    Welcome to the blog world as well. Great bunch of runners out here happy to join you on your quest.

  2. Thanks 'Evolving', you're my first follower so I should have a giveaway or something, let me get this blog world figured out first. Cheers!