Sunday, September 5, 2010

where I run

So here is the 4k route I've often run.
Isn't it great! It feels so good to get out into the country. There is a 6k that I do that takes me a little further up the first road before I turn right and then continue as for the 4k. The roads running across (east/west) are hard packed dirt/gravel. The rest is asphalt. I've run 8k by looping around  further to the west down more dirt roads. I live in farm country, in a little village, 10 minutes by car to suburbia,  - best of both worlds. There is also a Running Room in  this nearby suburbia where I've completed two clinics. I'm going to join another clinic this fall. I find it fun to run with a group and motivating too. Happy Trails,

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