Saturday, September 11, 2010

Wild Turkey Run

This is such a nice time of year. I woke up this morning and while everyone was still fast asleep out I went for a  5krun. I guess it was around 8:00 a.m.  I came across some 
wild turkeys having breakfast in a farmer's field.  It was quite a large rafter of turkeys. There seemed to be a mix of toms, hens and poults, about a dozen or so total.
What a nice sight to see, just about ten minutes in. Turning the corner onto a long stretch of farms, I could smell very strongly the smell of what put me in mind of hops. Not sure if that's what it was. Of course there were the regular farm smells permeating the warm late summer morning air and I had to dodge bits of manure on the road that a farmer's tractor was leaving behind down one section as he traveled  from one field to another.
Shelby was loving the off-leash run. Oh, I haven't mentioned Shelby yet have I.
She's my running partner, but I'll introduce her to you in a future blog.
Hope your morning was as pleasant as mine. I've even got our bed linens hanging out on the line.
Rural living, it's so nice this time of year, and running through the farmlands really makes me aware of the subtle changes of the seasons.
Happy Trails 'til next time.

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