Monday, September 6, 2010

Capital City Walk

I was reading Roni's blog and decided to post this in response to her challenge at Ok, so it didn't happen this weekend but it was a very recent family walk with  Papa Bear, Sean and our nephew. It's a great place to walk in Ottawa along the Rideau Canal bringing you up to the Parliament buildings and back. Here is the route we walked. It's just under 6k.
My starting point is just about where I ran my first 5k on December 31rst of last year. It's the annual Resolution Run and I enjoyed it a lot. The race was in the opposite direction to our walk.
The boys at the Pretoria bridge, often the starting point for races along the canal, but above at street level
a view of a section of the canal with the Parliament buildings in the background.
downtown Ottawa
Rideau Canal Locks
many who live here work for the government in buildings such as the one with the Canada sign

the clock tower
Anywhere along the canal is a great place to get out and walk, run or bike and in the winter you can skate along most of its length. Hope you are enjoying some great outdoor places with your family too


  1. What a gorgeous city! I've never been to Ottawa. I've only been to Vancuver BC and Montreal. The walk along the canal looks lovely. I'd probably forget the mileage and get wrapped up in the scenery!


  2. Ottawa is only two hours from Montreal. This is not my home town but we've been here 6 yrs.